How to find the effective mixing with

 crypto currency

Mixing of coins during the transaction makes the tracking and shadowing impossible. The anonymity is the best weapon against the hacking. When nobody knows the sender and the receiver, this provides the highest security. Use the mixing service to increase your anonymity.

Why the division of bitcoin happened?

The division of the cryptocurrency was planned long before. This is a feature of blockchain technology: any database with its use sooner or later becomes so huge that even a computer is “lost” in such a significant amount of information. This affects, first of all, the movement of block headers – the implementation of transactions with them. And there are two ways out:

  • Qualitative improvement of the construction of the block (introduction of methods for more compact recording of transaction data, so that they fill the database with less speed)
  • Quantitative progress (providing opportunities for further growth of the database, so for the further registration of transactions).

In the case of Bitcoin cryptocurrency, both these components took place in two parts of the system.

How to create a Bitcoin Cash wallet?

Creating a wallet for the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency with the Electron Cash desktop system is quite simple. This service has the following distinctive qualities:

  • Ease of generation.
  • No synchronization is required.
  • The speed of processing transactions is particularly important for small enumerations.
  • There are no restrictions on the amount paid.
  • The access keys and transaction confirmations are stored inside the program downloaded to the user terminal
  • The high anonymity, which can be improved with
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August 7, 2018